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The Empowerment Effect is a female empowerment non-profit led by strong mentors from the Southern California Women's ice hockey community.

Hockey Puck & Stick


The Empowerment Effect is a non-profit mentorship program supporting young females, ages 7-16, providing equitable access across all communities in the Los Angeles area. 

Our mission is to create a safe space where girls can and will be empowered to grow and flourish as confident, engaged, young adults.  

Led by strong, passionate, women from our local ice hockey community, our objective is to teach valuable life lessons, primarily through the sport of ice hockey, to build a more positive and inclusive society. 


Meet our Board of Directors



President & Founder

Years in hockey: 20+

What is your superpower? Being a "momma bear".

What does hockey mean to you? I was introduced to the sport of hockey as a young adult, and immediately fell in love. Little did I know the sport would love me back tenfold and change my life. I met my husband on the rink and now have the honor to watch our 13-year-old son's love of hockey grow. I have coached youth hockey for over 20 years now and have been inspired by women young and old in this sport.

Why is it important to be a part of TEE? It is my responsibility to do something to better my community. What better way to create change than to you the sport that taught me so much to help teach and inspire others? There are so many strong, independent women who not only run the world, but play hockey as well, that I felt it was socially irresponsible not to bring our superpowers together to make real change.

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