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NHL's - Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award

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Coach Estela Finalist for NHL's Willie O'Ree Award

The Empowerment Effect is thrilled to announce that our President and Founder, Estela Rivas-Bryant, has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Willie O'Ree Community Hero Award! This honor, bestowed by the NHL, recognizes individuals who exemplify the remarkable qualities of Willie O'Ree, the trailblazing first black player in the league. Beyond his 21-year career, O'Ree dedicated over two decades to serving as the NHL's diversity ambassador, advocating for inclusion and using hockey as a tool for character development and life skills education.

Much like O'Ree, Estela has passionately utilized the game of hockey to empower and uplift others for over 20 years coaching youth hockey. Her tireless dedication to our program, which mentors young girls aged 8-17, has been truly transformative. Through the Empowerment Effect, Estela has provided a safe space for these girls to learn hockey skills and be heard, seen, and equipped with invaluable life skills, especially those who have faced challenges in their lives.

The Willie O'Ree Award winner will be announced during the 2024 NHL Draft on June 28, 2024.

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The Empowerment Effect provides mentorship opportunities for girls through the sport of hockey. We provide free gear, ice time, and training, enabling them to get on the ice. While we are a wholly volunteer organization, we still need financial support to offer unforgettable on-ice and off-ice experiences.

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